Academic Conspiracy

I've spent years in and around academia, which is an interesting position to be in. And it's made me sensitive to one sort of conspiracy theory, the one that sounds like

A person discovered [random world-changing good thing] but scientists agreed to cover it up.

And as much fun as conspiracy theories are, this one makes it impossible for me to suspend my disbelief enough to enjoy it. The problem is in the following two words:

scientists agreed.

No they didn't. This posits that all of academia set aside a core aspect of their very nature to cover up some specific fact. The heart and soul of research is arguing. Convincing the entire “scientific community” to hide something beggars the imagination.

This isn't to say that research doesn't get buried for unethical reasons. It does! All the time! But not because all of “science” agreed to cover it up. If you're going to create a conspiracy about academic malfeasance, go with a more likely scenario. Here are some for your perusal:

Likely ways to Bury Research

Doctor F discovered a great new thing, but:

Try one of these and your “hidden research” conspiracy theory will not only hold (slightly) more water, but will be more entertaining to boot.