Facebook is objectively terrible

And makes me feel terrible every time I read it.

I've known for years that the company is gaming my profile feed for various research projects.

I've known since I signed up that I am part of Facebook's product, not one of their customers.

But there are people with whom I would have no contact, were it not for Facebook.

So what do we do? How can I keep in touch with people I value? Do we go back to email? It seems almost too formal, now. Texting? Too intimate?

Facebook is a good representation of a “school friendship”. You enjoy one anothers' company when you are in one anothers' presence.

Is that just my fear of intruding on other's lives? Is it my fear that, secretly, other people don't really want or need my presence in their lives?

What can we do?

Do we just draw closer to those we really care about and admit that some weaker ties can fall away?

Do we be brave and ask people we care about if we can communicate in some other way than the big blue bully?

I don't know.

But it's increasingly clear that my time with Facebook is drawing to a close. And either I need something else to bridge the gap, or I need to be prepared to say some goodbyes.