Liminal Spaces


We're not one-dimensional beings. Neither are our feelings. A day isn't always pure good or pure crap. It can be both. You can be an optimist that is angry, as long as the anger passes. You can be hopeful and still have heartache, as long as you can feel the hope for the day the heartache passes.

It's part of life; bad days will come. Terrible things will happen. But we needn't let those terrible things warp and twist us. We can keep our chins up even when we're being beaten down.

I'm writing this not to lecture you, the reader. I'm trying to help me, the frustrated, powerless, angry idiot.

I am an optimist by choice. But choosing to look for the good in the world doesn't erase the bad. There will be days when I cry. There will be hard times and exhausted times and utterly fed up times. If I can keep a positive outlook even in those times, if I can look at an utterly messed up situation and still find a way to say “I choose optimism” , and mean it, then I'm growing.

#optimism #stress #anger #frustration